The ALV S-101 Active provides switching for two input to one output with touch your foot for selecting input channel "A" or "B".
Equipped with a boost/buffer feature that the signal coming out is not reduced, which is usually caused by the chain between stompbox wiring, and also pure and clear. Also equipped with two level control to adjust output volume.

Features & Spesifications:
- Power Supply: 9V DC Adaptor
- Current Draw : 3 mA (Equipped with polar protector and humidator)
- Input Impedance : 1M ohm
- Outout Impedance : 1M ohm
- Connector : 3x Input/output jack, DC In
- Bypass : True Bypass, LED indicator and Buffered
- Controls : A-CH Level, B-CH Level
- Case : Alumunium diecast enclousure
- Dimensions :  110mm x  60mm x 28mm
- Weight : 225 g

 ALV A-B Switcher S-101 Active

 ALV A-B Switcher S-101 Active

Price :
(International) $ 39.9
(Indonesian) Rp. 325.000
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  1. This pedal has awesome function for preamp pedal! I use AMT B1 preamp pedal, it has two output which are cab sim out and amp out.. With The ALV S-101 pedal switcher, I can switch between Cab sim out and Amp out, if my guitar straight plugged to amp after the B1, I simply choose the B channel for Amp out, and if I get a terrible sounds amp, then I switch it to the A channel, or if you plug your guitar straight to the mixer, you should use the Cab sim out :D
    P.S. this pedal has 2 knobs for boosting your channel's volume ;)
    5 stars for this pedal !

    1. Thank you for your testimonial and good response, ALV will strive to always maintain the quality of products in order to always be the best in the international market. :)