ALV Pedal Power DC9. This adapter may like usual, but I can make it perfect for your pedals. Expel Noise and Hum which is common in ordinary adapter, therefore, ALV create a module as serve as a filter so that it does not happen. So the sound quality on your pedals safe.


adapter specifications:
- Voltage input: 220v - 240v
- Power: 1000 mA
- Output Voltage: 3-12 volts DC

aplication photo sample 

Included with the purchase of:
- 1 piece adapter 1000mA Multi-Voltage
- 1 box filter module 1 input, 2 output
- 1 5ch or 10ch daisy chain
- manual
- Warranty Card

Price / Harga :
$29.00 USD for 10 ch chain
$26.00 USD for 5 ch chain

(IDR) Rp. 265.000 (1 paket 10 chanel, belum termasuk ongkir se indonesia)
(IDR) Rp. 235.000 (1 paket 5 chanel, belum termasuk ongkir se indonesia)


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