This tool is a DIY/Handmade product. So we are not patented this tool, we only intend to help the Indonesian guitarists who want to have this kind of equipment at affordable prices. So let's just say it was made ​​from an electronics expert friend to us and we pay for it, so it is not a product that has been on the patent by a company. And installation of ALV brands above, are for reference name only, and does not have the intent to harm others. Thank you for your concern for him. ALV

What is a Sustainer?
Sustainer is an additional tool / plug-in and a physical form such as a pickup mounted on the neck pickup on an electric guitar. The ALV Sustainer kit puts the power to control sustain and feedback from your guitar at your fingertips.
The working of this tool is to trigger vibrations of the strings that caused the magnetic induction of the tool, so that the vibrations of the strings will vibrate continuously.

How does it work ?

Features and Specifications:
ALV Sustainer equipped with multi functions
features, such as:
- Harmonic mode, to produce a harmonious sound
- Fudamental mode, to produce a sound fundamental continuously
- Gain pot, to set the gain level of the sustainer driver (to change the character of the sound variations)

- LED indicator, lamp indication for the device is on or off
- It is possible to combine with guitar effects such as Distortion, Overdrive, Delay, etc.

- Long battery life time, because it only uses simple electronic components
- Powered by a 9-Volt battery

The contents of the package:
- User manuals
- Installation manual
- Warranty Card
- 1 drivers and other materials
- 1
Sustainer Circuit Board 
- 1 9v Battery type: 6F22
- 1 Baterry Box and Battery connector

- 1 Stereo Jack


Price / Harga For Single model:
$109 USD

HARGA PROMO : Rp. 850.000 

Price / Harga For Humbucker model:
$119 USD
HARGA PROMO : Rp. 920.000 

Price / Harga For Humbucker model with LED:
$124 USD
HARGA PROMO : Rp. 999.000 

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