ALV Stompbox International boutique was born in 2008 by Mr. Agus Alfa F., electronics designer, sound character designer and a guitarist. ALV also features an attractive graphic design designed by Irvan Hasyim.
ALV provides various types of guitar effects such as Tubelyzer, Delay, Crunchivity, etc. and various character sounds like overdrive, high gain distortion, distortion, modulation, etc. ALV produces amazing sound and compete with world-class guitar effects.

In the production process, we always check the quality at every step in assembling the parts of the product ALV. We also did a lot of research and development, makes ALV to be superior than the existing basic schemes. So ALV optimistic compete with international products and we guarantee it will be safe to be marketed in the international.

ALV Pedal/Stompbox designed and assembled one by one by hand and tested good by standard regulation to produces hi quality products at our ALV home-industry and music studio placed on Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur, Indonesia. 

Our studio address: Sumberjo RT04 / 1, Wringinagung - Gambiran, Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia.
Postal code: 68486

Features & Spec.:

We use True Bypass switching in all our pedals. Most other pedals have a buffered output that destroys the performance of most pedals.

- 3PDT Footswitch, High quality- heavy duty 3PDT stomp switch so it won't suck out your great guitar tone when it’s off/ bypass
- Boxed Metal film, Silver mica & tantalum Capacitor, High Quality Mylar for durability, better clarity & less noise
- 1% tolerance metal film Resistors
- Some pedal we use bigger Value Gain’s Pot for more gain & presence
- We always adding clipping diodes modifications for characters are more variable
- Socketed Op-amp
- Die-cast Aluminium Enclosure
- Will run on 9V battery or BOSS or Ibanez style dc adapter (negative centre), etc.
- Brighter Indicator lights
- etc. 

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